Looking for Wakonai.

Saturday 6th September.

We took a utility vehicle into the bush. The pretext was the search of wild citrus. In fact it turned out to be more of a "boys day out."

Fishing with nets and beaters.

The catch.

Nest of a megapode, 4 m high and 8 m wide! They rushed to dig in the hope of finding the eggs, but they found nothing.

The picnic, cooked bananas, grilled fish and coconut milk to drink.The rifle wasn't used, so no meat. On the way back, we twice passed kangaroos but the hunter on the pick-up truck was not fast enough.

On our return in the evening, a woman brought branches of citrus. Seeing the fruits, I immediately knew that this was the one I had been searching for!

So, C. wintersii (previously called Microcitrus papuana), the Brown River finger lime, has been found. One out of my challenge to find five species! After one week, I'm on time.

Already one ambiguity is cleared up. The wintersii which is grown in the United States is not true to type. Later I had the opportunity to show local people pictures of the round fruits said to be produced by this species. They say they have never seen round fruits in the region. They also claim to have never seen the fruits turn yellow.
So the information on Citrus Pages is wrong. (It'll be easy to correct... After Jorma Koskinen, I am now the editor of that site.) 

A small detail that was a little upsetting, is that we immediately realised that it was the plant that we had already seen on Tuesday. Four days ago!
But there was no fruit and the plant had seemed so different from the pictures found on the internet ...