Looking for Wakonai.

On the way I start my enquiries and a passenger said that there was no need to go so far up the Gogol River. He knew this plant (Clymenia polyandra) and said they were in his village called Bau.
I trust him and I get off the PMV with him. He is a teacher of mechanics in a vocational school. I sit in the village square and after two hours Clymenia polyandra is found! So, that was really fast.

Mundu was the finder.

The only fruit was immature.

Surprisingly the vesicles were round as in C. australasica, "caviar" type.

There were no spines.

Leaves were not articulated.

Now that the whole village understood what I was looking for, they brought me mature fruits.

Notice that someone has brought their grandmother to be in the photo!

The preparation of samples for the photos is always a spectacle worth watching.

The seeds carry the imprint of the vesicles that were touching them.

At night I sleep in the vocational school. It is the holidays and there are only five students in the dormitory. There is enough room.
It's Saturday, the post office is closed on Sunday. So I decide to stay in Bau until Monday.